Your Guide to the Post-Pandemic Contact Center

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Blue Ocean knows a thing or two about uncertainty.

After all, we provide outsourced customer service solutions to companies from across a spectrum of industries—we can plan for almost anything in the call center, but when the whole world turns upside downwell, that planning becomes an Olympic-caliber test of your ability to pivot.


The pandemic upended plans on a global scale, giving all of us a megadose of uncertainty that rattled us to our core (and still does). More than two years later, we find ourselves wondering: “How will contact centers navigate the post-COVID world?” In an effort to return just a little bit of certainty to the CX world, we’ve developed The Guide to the Post-Pandemic Contact Center—and you can download it now, for free.

For companies who outsource (or are thinking about outsourcing) their customer care, every decision can seem especially daunting right now. But customer service never sleeps, and after reading this guide, we hope you can rest just a little easier.

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