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Case Study

How a Major Sports Association Launched a Customer Care Program Mid-Pandemic

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Wondering what we can do for you? This case study will give you a little more insight into how we can customize our customer care programs to your unique needs.

This national sports association leads the US in governing and promoting one of the nation’s well-loved sports, including its annual pro championships, community involvement and coaching programs, charitable initiatives, and more.

In the downloadable case study, discover how we:

Untitled design - 2022-01-07T154311.809  Pivoted to 100% remote recruiting, onboarding, and training

Untitled design - 2022-01-07T154311.809  Launched on-time despite major challenges of the pandemic

Untitled design - 2022-01-07T154311.809  Received positive feedback from the client and their members immediately upon launch

The Challenge:

The organization’s support solution had not kept pace with changing dynamics in the membership experience nor the changing demographics of the sport and its passionate players and fans. Their relatively small program had been outsourced to a multinational provider for two decades. Eventually, that service lacked passion, was overly transactional, and presented contradictory and confusing reporting.

The Solution:

Our solution was contingent on establishing a clear view of what success would look like for our new client and a carefully crafted Statement of Work.

The Unexpected Complication:

COVID-19. Need we say more?

The Results:

Despite the pandemic and related lockdown orders, we launched this new customer care program on time, in April 2020 (cue the fireworks!)

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